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의장: 수마운타 케오필라봉(Soumountha Keophilavong)

사명 선언문

형평성 및 우수성 위원회는 3학군 학교 간의 교육 및 재정/자원 격차를 최소화하는 데 집중하고 노력하여 완전한 균형, 형평성 및 다양성을 달성할 것으로 기대합니다.

이 위원회의 의제는 큰 변화를 나타내기 위해 3학군 커뮤니티에 전달되었으며, 성별, 인종, 우편번호, 종교, 신체 장애에 관계없이 모든 학생에게 공평한 자원과 고품질 교육에 대한 접근권을 제공한다는 우리의 도덕적 이해의 힘에 의존합니다. 능력이나 성적 취향은 우리가 서비스를 제공하는 가족에게 의무적입니다.

우리는 학군 3의 모든 학교가 학군 내 최고 성취도, 중간 성취도, 최저 성취도 학교 사이에 인식 가능한 격차가 있도록 장려하고 유지하는 모든 체계적 또는 근본적인 행동을 해결하기 위해 노력합니다. 기관. 본 위원회는 “분리된 교육시설은 본질적으로 불평등하다”는 우리의 믿음과 국법을 준수하기 위해 격차를 해소하기 위해 노력할 것입니다.

이 목표는 다음을 제공함으로써 달성됩니다.

  • 지원 - 부모와 학교 지도자들이 불평등에 대한 경험을 공유하고 자금, 자원 및 커리큘럼 격차를 확인할 수 있는 공간을 만듭니다.

  • 평가 - 재정적/자원 및 교육적 격차를 파악한 후 모든 3학군 학교의 모든 학년 및 레벨에 걸쳐 학생의 자원 접근성과 탄탄한 커리큘럼을 구축, 성장, 반복 및 개선하기 위한 솔루션을 구축, 성장, 반복 및 개선하기 위한 연구 및 데이터 전략화를 통해.

  • 봉사 활동 - 기관 및 교육 격차를 해소하기 위해 3학군 학부모, 교육청 및 선출직 공무원과 협력하고 참여합니다.

  • 자원 – 학교가 자금 및 현물 기부에 더 많이 접근할 수 있도록 자원 정보 교환소를 만듭니다.

여기에서 3학군 학부모 자료 및 학생 권리 가이드를 다운로드하세요.



















June 11th Equity & Excellence Committee Meeting

Retrospective - Insights and Data


I was happy to conduct the retrospective exercise and was even more pleased with the conversation and results.


This information has been shared with the Superintendent, principals, and teachers in attendance.


You'll find attached the data and insights put together from the event. This is through the lens as a parent, CEC member, and product developer. What is detailed below is how I've scrubbed and sliced the data so it can be helpful to you. Note that the raw data from the event is in the raw data page. 



Themes & Topics

Common themes were put together based on the attendees' feedback. These themes cut across the three original topics (Remote Learning, Assessment, and Special Education Plans).


The original topics were provided so folks had a frame of reference when commenting, and also provided some framing regarding the initial slice taken during the retro. What emerged were themes and topics. 


The topics provide an opportunity to quickly understand what the theme covers. 


Questions & Considerations

The themes and topics are boiled down to some questions and things to consider as we move forward. I've done my best to stay away from providing solutions. Ideally, the questions should help to realize what a solution could look like. 



Couple additional notes:

  • Usually, during a retrospective, the facilitator is trying to get unique comments per person, but because this was done in a digital chat, a "riot mentality" manifested where people frequently repeated what someone else said. As a rule of thumb, facilitators are trying to avoid this behavior; although this organically happens during the retrospective when done in person.

    In a controlled, in-person environment, people write their own thoughts, and when there are identical comments, it infers something to make note of. When using a chat, it's overwhelming and hard to avoid.

    A lot of repeats and "kudos" comments were removed; although I was not overly diligent with this. I did my best to keep the data clean.

  • A lot of comments were general statements without a lot of contexts or additional information. I've used these comments as I understood the context, but I am aware that a different meaning might have been intended.

  • No one's name was left in the comments, so they are all anonymous.

  • If a comment was submitted by a principal or teacher (assuming they could identify by name in the original chat file), their comment is preceded with PRINCIPAL or TEACHER.

  • A few comments did not get added as they didn't have a place that aligned to a theme. There were very few of these. They were left in bold in the raw data tab for future reference 




Dennis Morgan

Founder & President



Harlem CoLab


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