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CEC3 구역 위원회 - 비활성

사명 선언문

CEC3 구역 위원회의 임무는 3학군 초등학교 구역 경계선에 관해 전체 의회에 권장 사항을 제시하는 것입니다. 위원회는 모든 3학군 가족을 위한 구역 좌석이 충분하고 모든 3학군 학교가 이상적인 구역 크기 및 구성을 갖도록 보장하는 것을 목표로 교육구 교육감, 잠재적으로 영향을 받을 수 있는 학교, 학부모 및 기타 이해관계자와 협력합니다.

자세한 내용은 cec 로 문의하세요.

2017 Zoning Update

First Glance By the Numbers

CEC3 continues to work with all schools affected by the 2017 rezoning. With 3 schools in new locations and many zone line changes, the impact of the changes will take time. However, here are a few initial highlights.


- In 2015, PS199 had a kindergarten wait list of 93 students (In '14, the number was 99). K classes were increased to 27, there were (6) sections, and the school was dangerously overcrowded. After the rezoning, in 2017, PS199 has reduced to (5) sections of K, with 25 kids and NO wait list. NO 1-5 grade classes exceed their mandated caps.

 - At PS87, K is stable with (6) sections of K and NO wait list. This is compared to 2015 when a 7th section of K was added and the wait list was 25 students. Rezoned families from PS452 were accommodated into grades 1-5 but class max remains below the 32 mandated cap, at 30 students per class. 

 - Demand at PS191 increased for K in 2017, and a (3rd) section was added. A (3rd) section of 3rd grade was also added for the new Gifted & Talented program.

 - In 2015, PS452 was restricted to (3) 20-kid K classes because of space in O'Shea. In their new home, PS452 will have (3) full K classes in 2017.

 - PS9 and PS166 zones experienced increased demand in 2017, with both schools beginning the school year with small wait lists for K (<10 each). NO 1-5 grade classes exceed their mandated caps.

 - In 2014, to accommodate demand, PS84 added an additional French K class for a total of 4 K classes.  However, by 2016, they had run out of space for the additional class to advance all the way through 5th grade.  In addition, special services such as Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy were taking place in hallways and closet spaces. The expansion in 2017 allowed the addition of two more Gen Ed sections (for a total of 6 K classes), room for all classes to advance upwards, and the proper spaces to serve students with special needs.

 - In 2015, D3 offered (8) sections of PreK from PS191 up to PS84. In 2017, (15) sections of PreK are offered as a result of the expansions of PS452 and PS84.

2016년 구역 재지정 연습:

6-20-16 지구계획본부 슬라이드덱

7.20.16 지구계획실 슬라이드덱 - CEC3

7.20.16 지구계획처 초안 시나리오 맵 A 및 B |

9.14.16 CEC3 회의 - 지구계획실 슬라이드덱

9.14.16 지구 계획 사무국 잠재적 ES 구역 시나리오 A

9.14.16 지구 계획 사무국 잠재적 ES 구역 시나리오 B

9.19.16 CEC3 회의 - 지구계획실 슬라이드덱

9.28.16 CEC3 회의 - 지구계획실 슬라이드덱

9.28.16 지구 계획 사무국 잠재적 ES 구역 시나리오 C

W. 59 - W. 116차 - 2017-18년 시행을 위해 W 59 St.에서 W 116 St로 D3_구역 설정 라인 제안 제출의 구역 재지정 제안에 관한 결의안 승인

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