Who We Are

     CEC3 is one of the 32 Community Education Councils (CECs) in New York City. CEC3 represents Community School District 3 which includes public elementary and middle schools. CEC 3 holds monthly meetings, and contributes to shaping educational policy in District 3.  

     CEC3's responsibilities are established by state law and implemented through regulations of the Chancellor. These responsibilities include: approving school zoning lines, holding hearings on the capital plan, evaluating community superintendents, and providing input on other important policy issues.

     Community Education Council members are selected for two-year terms by the Parent Associations or Parent Teacher Associations (PA/PTAs) of the schools in their district. Each CEC has 12 members, including nine parents selected by the district's PA/PTAs, two members appointed by the Borough President, and one student selected by the Community Superintendent.


CEC3 Mission Statement

Community Education Council 3 (CEC3) of New York City believes that every child is entitled to a high quality education, a safe and healthy school environment, and equal educational opportunities. The mission of CEC3 is to promote and support the educational needs of District 3 elementary and middle school students by representing and advocating for District 3 families to the NYC Department of Education.


CEC3 2021-2022 Members


TBA - President

TBA - 1st Vice President

TBA - 2nd Vice President

Naveed Hasan - Treasurer

Ursila Jung - Recording Secretary


Jeanie Ahn

Kent Hansan

Victor Lin

Lucas Liu

Dennis Morgan

Helen Qiu, IEP Member

Deirdre Garrett Scott, MBP Appointee

Dr. Dariusz Zawislak, ELL Member

CEC3 Bylaws

CEC3 Strategic Guidelines