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Model CEC 2019-2021

Calling all D3 middle school students!

Students have unique, valuable, and personal perspectives on educational policy. In conversations about shaping it, we must elevate the voices of those the decisions will affect. CEC3’s Model CEC program empowers middle school students to contribute their voices by drafting and publicly presenting motions on issues in their schools that impact them.

Model CEC meets weekly to discuss issues ranging from the educational and mental health effects of COVID-19 to resource inequality and admissions policies. Our conversations are moderated by civics teachers and councilmembers, but guided by the students. We hope to give students the confidence and a platform to become advocates on issues they are passionate about.

We welcome all District 3 middle school (click here to see a list) students interested in politics, government, or improving their communities to join—no prior experience or knowledge required. The time commitment is about two hours per week.  

If you or someone you know is interested in joining Model CEC, please fill out this form.


For more detailed information, please see the attached document. Click here for a Word version.

Below are examples of resolutions drafted by past Model CEC groups.

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