Multilingual Committee:

Chair, Naveed Hasan

MISSION: Support D3 multilingual (ML) learning, including parents, families concerns and citywide, district and school level issues. D3 ML modalities include Dual Language (DL) programs, English Language Learning (ELL,) English as a New Language (ENL) students and bilingual enrichment programs. Interface with the Citywide Council for English Language Learners (CCELL) and any interested CEC ELL representatives from other districts.

Equity and Excellence Committee:

Chair, Soumountha Keophilavong

MISSION: The Committee for Equity and Excellence expects to achieve complete balance, equity, and diversity by focusing and working to minimize educational and financial/resource gaps between District 3 schools.

This committee’s agenda is brought to the District 3 community in order to manifest great change, and relies on the strength of our moral understanding that equitable resourcing and access to high-quality education for all students no matter gender, race, zip code, religion, physical capabilities or sexual orientation is obligatory for the families that we serve.

We seek to address any systemic or fundamental behavior that promotes, and sustains any schools in District 3 to have a recognizable gap between the highest achieving, middle achieving, and lowest achieving schools in the district to the point that they are maintained and treated as separate institutions. This committee will work to eliminate the gap in order to abide by the law of the land and our belief that “separate education facilities are inherently unequal.”

IEP & Counseling Committee:

Chair, Helen Qiu

MISSION: Build flow of IEP information Pipeline between DOE, program providers, IEP parents and Therapists. Create a Counseling InfoHub for a variety of counseling needs. The committee is open to all parents IEP, Special Educations and you.

Charter School Committee: Chair,

Address impact of charter schools on D3 schools.

Charter School Committee

High School Admissions Committee

Chair: Sharon Collins

MISSION: The CEC3 High School Admissions Committee explores the issue of high school admissions, including, but not limited to: Equity in admissions to city-wide non-specialized high schools; the potential need for new District 3 priority high schools; ways in which to support the missions of existing D3 high schools; ways in which to strengthen the pathways from D3 middle schools to existing D3 high schools; the concerns and positions of other CECs throughout the city on these issues.The ultimate goal of the Committee is to develop a set of recommendations to CEC3 which will help guide the Council’s position and advocacy efforts on issues.

Middle School Committee

Chair: Jeanie Ahn

MISSION: Middle School Committee: To envision that District 3 elementary school students will have equitable access to middle school education. Where students can flourish and are championed transitioning into successful High School Careers. Parents are supported in education and advocacy for their children, enhancing education at school and at home.