CEC 3 Multilingual Committee

Supporting ELL, multilingual, bilingual and dual language learning

Our meetings are open to all who are interested in supporting bilingual education. Please come and join us.

Community Education Council 3

Multilingual Committee

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

6:30 - 8:00 pm



Contact the Multilingual Team

Committee Co-Chair: Lucas Liu   liu@cec3.org

Committee Co-Chair: Naveed Hasan   nhasan@cec3.org

Supporting ELL, Multilingual, Bilingual and Dual Language learning

Lucas Liu - CEC3 Multilingual Committee Co-Chair


Naveed Hasan - CEC3 Multilingual Committee Co-Chair




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Tentative Meeting Agenda

  • Committee Updates

  • Multilingual Student Speech Showcase Proposal

  • Spanish DL and Enrichment program coordination

  • Can online foreign language resources be used. What next steps can we take?

Next Meetings:

Jan - TBD

Feb - TBD

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