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Christine Loughlin,  District 3 Superintendent:



Welcome to Community School District 3. Ms. Loughlin has been appointed D3 Superintendent.  She is new to District 3 and comes to D3 with 27 years of experience. Christine was a Superintendent on Staten Island and has a long presence with the DOE as a principal, assistant principal and teacher. 

 Matthew Angell, Field Support Liaison: 


 Matthew Angell is District 3 Field Support Liaison. Prior to this role he served as Deputy Cluster Leader for Instruction in Cluster 5.  In this role, he supported school accountability, school data, and advance implementation. Additionally, he served the  students of  the New York City Department of Education as a senior MOSL implementation specialist, principal, and teacher for 12  years. He is  passionate and committed to promoting the academic and social-emotional needs of all scholars.

 Matthew earned graduate degrees in Elementary Education from Brooklyn College, and in Educational Leadership from  Canisius  College. He earned certification through the NYC Leadership Academy and an undergraduate degree in English  and Cinema from  Binghamton University. Furthermore, he holds a permanent teacher certificate, professional school building  leader certificate (SBL),  and school district leader certificate (SDL).

Russell Gonzales, Teachers Development and Evaluation Coach:  


Russ Gonzales is the Teacher Development and Evaluation Coach for District 3. He has had many diverse instructional roles in the Department of Education. As a math coach, he modeled and co-taught lessons and developed weekly professional development sessions based on school needs. Russ then became a DOE mentor for new teachers for grades K-12. During this time, he supported teachers with instructional planning and assessing student learning. From 2007-2013, Russ worked as an Achievement/Assessment Coach for CFN 403. He provided instructional support for principals, teachers, and teacher teams that included professional learning sessions on Differentiated Instruction, Formative Assessment Strategies, Literacy Techniques through the Content Areas, Looking at Teacher/Student Protocols, Best Practices for the Collaborative Observation and Feedback Approach, and additional topics. As a MOSL specialist, Russ supported schools with utilizing the collaborative inquiry process by using data from various sources to monitor student learning. He supported schools with developing a strategic assessment plan and coached teams utilizing various tools to monitor and capture student learning. As a Teacher Development and Evaluation Coach, Russ supports schools with MOTP, MOSL, Advance inquiries, and provides instructional support to meet District 3 schools' goals and vision for the coming year.

Tracy McClaire, District 3 Family Leadership Coordinator:



Tracy McClaire is the mother of two CSD 3 public school students (12th and 2nd grades) and has worked as the Parent Coordinator  at West Side Collaborative (WSC) Middle School for the past thirteen years. In this role she developed, planned and coordinated  parent engagement opportunities to increase parent awareness, including a parent outreach plan that resulted in 100% attendance  at the Student Led Conferences. In addition, she has mentored new teachers to help them develop positive parent communication  skills, supported the guidance counselor in mediating conflicts with parents and shared her expertise in anticipating and preventing  parent dissatisfaction. Prior to working at WSC she served as an assistant director at the City College Upward Bound Program. Her  other experiences include working as a District 3 Attendance Intervention Dropout prevention (AIDP) Program Coordinator. In that  role, she worked with students and families in temporary housing, ensuring that students were supported in school by making  parents aware of their rights and responsibilities and provided families with access to various resources. Tracy has also presented  for Common Sense Media at PBS Celebration of Teaching and Learning where she shared the importance of educating parents  about the digital world that students live in today. She is trained in Schools Attuned and Every Person Influences Children (EPIC  - www.epicforchildren.org) and is conversant in Spanish.

 Family Support Coordinator:



 Violet Guillet, Administrative Assistant:


 Violet Guillet is my trusted Administrative Assistant and will reach out to you as needed on my behalf. She has worked for  Community School District 3 as an Administrative Assistant for over 40 years, beginning as a volunteer at PS 75 and gradually  working her way up to her current position.  She has worked under many Superintendents and has always supported them with  any assignment asked of her.