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Middle School Admissions Committee


Mission Statement

To envision that District 3 elementary school students will have equitable access to middle school education. Where students can flourish and are championed transitioning into successful High School Careers. Parents are supported in education and advocacy for their children, enhancing education at school and at home.



  • Be sure to check the NEW District 3 website:                           , it includes: 

DOE Middle School Information:



  • The School Quality Guide 
    - Provides educators (and interested community members) with detailed information on student population, school conditions, and student achievement. 
    - Includes results from the NYC School Survey.
    - Available at

  • School Performance Dashboard
    - Includes multiple years of data, key comparisons, and data visualizations.
    - Available at

District 3 Schools

are State Test Scores needed FOR Middle School Admissions?

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