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CEC3 Committees

Students In Temporary Housing: Chair, Jill Rackmill

This committee is dedicated to ensuring District 3 families living in temporary housing have equitable access to education and sufficient supports. This committee will partner with non-profits, disseminate information, and advocate for resources with local, city and state officials.

High School Admissions Committee: Chair, Sharon Collins

MISSION:The CEC3 High School Admissions Committee explores the issue of high school admissions, including, but not limited to: Equity in admissions to city-wide non-specialized high schools;the potential need for new District 3 priority high schools; ways in which to support the missions of existing D3 high schools; ways in which to strengthen the pathways from D3 middle schools to existing D3 high schools;the concerns and positions of other CECs throughout the city on these issues.The ultimate goal of the Committee is to develop a set of recommendations to CEC3 which will help guide the Council’s position and advocacy efforts on issues.  

Middle School Admissions Committee: Chair, Kristin Savov

MISSION: To envision that District 3 elementary school students will have equitable access to middle school education. Where students can flourish and are championed transitioning into successful High School Careers. Parents are supported in education and advocacy for their children, enhancing education at school and at home

Multilingual Expansion Working Group: Chair, Dr. Darling J. Miramey

Mission: To champion and promote the advancement of multilingual, bilingual, and dual-language education, encompassing students, schools, and families. Involves expanding multilingual programs in public schools and facilitating in person, digital and remote world language learning for all.

Strategic Communication, Partnership and Community Empowerment Committee: Chair, Dr. Darling J. Miramey

Mission: Develop innovative efforts to reach key audiences with critical and accurate information through partnerships. Creating communication strengthens bonds for greater coordination and collaboration.

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