Co-Chairs: Dennis Morgan & Sharmilee Ramudit

Mission Statement

The Committee for Equity and Excellence expects to achieve complete balance, equity, and diversity by focusing and working to minimize educational and financial/resource gaps between District 3 schools.


This committee’s agenda is brought to the District 3 community in order to manifest great change, and relies on the strength of our moral understanding that equitable resourcing and access to high quality education for all students no matter gender, race, zip code, religion, physical capabilities or sexual orientation is obligatory for the families that we serve. 


We seek to address any systemic or fundamental behavior that promotes, and sustains any schools in District 3 to have a recognizable gap between the highest achieving, middle achieving, and lowest achieving schools in the district to the point that they are maintained and treated as separate institutions. This committee will work to eliminate the gap in order to abide by the law of the land and our belief that “separate education facilities are inherently unequal.”


This goal will be achieved by providing:

  • Support- Create a space for parents and school leaders to share their experiences with inequity and identify funding, resource, and curriculum gaps.

  • Assessment - Identifying financial/resource and educational gaps, then through research and data strategizing solutions for building, growing, iterating, and improving our student’s accessibility to resources and robust curriculum across all grades and levels in all District 3 schools.

  • Outreach -Partnering and involving District 3 parents, the DOE and elected officials in the elimination of institutional and educational gaps.

  • Resources – Creating a clearinghouse of resources for schools to have greater access to funding and in-kind donations.

Download the District 3 Parents Resource and Students' Rights Guide here.

 Upcoming Meetings

Jan 30, 2020


Excellence & Equity Committee Mtg

Joan of Arc, 154 W. 93rd St., Room 204

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